Seattle – the second stop in our trip Around the World 4k

We continued our trip around the world visiting a beautiful city of USA, where we enjoyed very interesting landscapes. 

Seattle was founded in 1851 and is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of USA, having about 570,000 residents.

Compared with the Yellowstone experience, which has impressed us by absolutely magnificent landscapes [we recommend you to read the article “Around the World 4k – the project of our generation”, where you find a detailed presentation of the project: , beside the wonderful landscapes of the nature, the Seattle city offered us a few frames about what the city life in this part of the world means. 

In the first day we were woke up by the daylight and accompanied by the pretty pronounced cool of the morning we have admired a splendid sunrise, which you shall recognize in the first part of the video bellow. We continued our shooting visiting the town center and some parks, where we could shot some panoramic spots.

Space Needle was the first objective in the second day. This long tower (over 84 m) represents one of the most significant points of interests of the town. From the tower’s height, more exactly from the observation deck, we have shot spectacular frames, which shall remain a beautiful memory for us. You have the occasion to enjoy them by the video material posted. Afterwards, we have visited the town by both sea and land together with other 30 tourists, using the local service City Tour.

Our childhood movies – they may have been true. Bruce Lee was my childhood hero, as also the hero of many young people some years ago. His gave was another stop in the Seattle City. The son of Bruce Lee, who was shot at the age of 28, has also his grave here. We will come back with shots from this location in one of the future videos.

After we have visited the town center surprising several scenes of the habitants’ everyday life, we have made another town tour with the monorail. This mean of transport by suspended traction is very popular in USA, especially in states like Las Vegas and Florida, facilitating the transport from one place to another in the crowded cities.

Columbia Center – the place that you have to visit twice 

And this is what we did!

The highest building of Washington (287.4264 m) deserves a second visit. The landscape is absolutely spectacular! For about one hour we have shot panoramic frames and in the evening, by the approval of the responsible persons with tourism and building visiting, we have come back and have shot until after the end of the working hours. We have obtained unique images, which you can watch in the video bellow, as a conclusion of this beautiful day of activity.

We wish you a good trip along with us in this unique experience!

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