Seattle – the second stop in our trip Around the World 4k

We continued our trip around the world visiting a beautiful city of USA, where we enjoyed very interesting landscapes. 

Seattle was founded in 1851 and is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of USA, having about 570,000 residents.

Compared with the Yellowstone experience, which has impressed us by absolutely magnificent landscapes [we recommend you to read the article “Around the World 4k – the project of our generation”, where you find a detailed presentation of the project: , beside the wonderful landscapes of the nature, the Seattle city offered us a few frames about what the city life in this part of the world means.  Read more

The Amazing Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park: the first experience of our trip. Spring, autumn, winter – each day a season.

During four days (September 9th to 12th) we have shot in Yellowstone Park. This is one of the most impressive parks in the world, dating from 1872. The park has a surface of 8.987 km2 and borders three federal states of North America. Enriched by lakes, rivers, canons and mountain chains, the Yellowstone Park is the perfect place for our project.

During shooting we were astonished by the dreamy landscape that made of each part of the area an amazing picture. Though it seems unbelievable, the first three days we experienced three seasons. Meteorically, we can compare the first day with a beautiful spring day. We enjoyed a bright sky and a temperature of about 22ºC. Read more