The Amazing Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park: the first experience of our trip. Spring, autumn, winter – each day a season.

During four days (September 9th to 12th) we have shot in Yellowstone Park. This is one of the most impressive parks in the world, dating from 1872. The park has a surface of 8.987 km2 and borders three federal states of North America. Enriched by lakes, rivers, canons and mountain chains, the Yellowstone Park is the perfect place for our project.

During shooting we were astonished by the dreamy landscape that made of each part of the area an amazing picture. Though it seems unbelievable, the first three days we experienced three seasons. Meteorically, we can compare the first day with a beautiful spring day. We enjoyed a bright sky and a temperature of about 22ºC.

The second day transferred us in an authentic autumn atmosphere. The very thick fog has highlighted the first hours of the morning. The sky was full of heavy clouds and the temperature registered during day was under 5ºC. To the evening, a rainfall has sealed the end of this autumnal day. We were accommodated in the middle of the park in a traditional hostel built of rustic style wood cottages. Accompanied by the rain and at the warm of chimney we continued our talks until 24 o’clock when we went all to bed.

The surprise in the next day left us wordless. We just woke up and looked through the window and… what do you think happened? The winter was coming! A thick snow bed was covering in white the whole park. The coldness specific to this season had its say, but we were warmed up by the feelings given by these amazing atmospheric changes.

The last day of shooting was the coronation of our beginning experience. We succeeded in covering the biggest and most natural chimneys formed as a consequence of the volcano eruption. The chimneys are huge and permanently send out thick clouds of smoke. Regarding the water, it has an extraordinary visual impact: it is of a splendid clarity and color, having nuances of hard blue and greenish tones which really give you goose bumps in a very positive way.

Unique feelings everyone has to try!

We really don’t know if a movie directed in advance would have been of such a success. We have experienced four dreamy days! Each element has perfectly fitted in the image we want to promote developing this project, namely that we love the suspense, beauty, originality, authenticity and quality!

The weather fluctuations haven’t stopped our activity; on the contrary, they have represented for us a source of inspiration and positive energy. We are extremely impressed by these wonders we had the opportunity to see!

What we want is to come back in this park in 2016 for at least two weeks. Even having this time at our disposal, we don’t know if we will be able to cover all the frames in this spectacular park capable to activate unique feelings, which everyone has to try.

Further, we’d like to let the images and the video clip speak for themselves.

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